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Raspinu Records DNA

La Triple R - Raspinu Radio Regage

Although Raspinu Records has been created in 2020. We have been in the work of disseminating Jamaican music for a long time.

Around 2007, La Triple R - Raspinu Radio Reggae was created, an online radio station dedicated exclusively to Jamaican music. Broadcasting from Barcelona to the whole world, through the live365.com streaming platform.

At the station initially several programs were created where the selector was myself broadcasting as Raspinu. Very soon collaborators were joining, mainly Sound Systems and selectors from Spain.

It is worth highlighting the collaboration of Neblina Sound, where one of its U-Rie members collaborated very actively, both in programs and in the broadcasting of the station.

Sounds and selectors such as:

and some more selectors and sounds that participated on occasion with special programs. Surely I left some in the inkwell.

Several independent labels and promoters also collaborated, some of them: Liquidator music, Taifa records, Mikey Dread, Data Chando with MegaForce Records and Reggae Shack.

In 2015 it was stopped broadcasting for various reasons. Raspinu Radio Reggae emerged at a time when broadcasting music over the internet was not available to everyone, nor did current music platforms exist. The Triple R made the platform available to many Sounds and selectors to disseminate their work, and in turn Jamaican Music fans find a free online platform where 100% of what was broadcast was Jamaican music.

All of this is part of the Raspinu Records DNA. A passion for musical popularization, especially the Jamaican sound.

Triple R Raspinu Radio Reggae became history and now a new project is born ... Raspinu Records.

Raspinu Records

We have transformed our energies into a vinyl record store, specializing in Jamaican music among other sounds, such as African, Latin, funk and soul music. Without ruling out other genres.

We sell both second-hand discontinued editions, as well as new editions.

We like to go hunting in search of jewels to be able to put them at your disposal. As well as having those interesting limited editions.

We try to nurture our catalog with high quality music. So we hope you enjoy our catalog and we hope we can help you in the search for those favorite vinyls.